Our well-proven financial calculators – EuroConsultant and ImmoConsultant

Financial mathematics is one of our core competencies. For more than 25 years we have developed applications, modules and calculating engines in this field. Our EuroConsultant is the central product in this area. It combines all common leasing and financing calculations in one engine. This calculating engine serves as a module in our product configurators and sales workplaces.In addition, it also forms the basis of our financial calculator for the real estate market, the ImmoConsultant.


This module, currently running successfully in everyday use, combines all common leasing and financing calculations in one calculating engine. By individually adjusting the integrated set of rules and the terms and conditions database, we customise the EuroConsultant to a customer’s specific needs and integrate it with the chosen application.

The EuroConsultant contains the following functions:

  • exact day and account-based finance calculations
  • calculation of irregular payments
  • calculation of credit and/or endowment insurance for a variety of providers
  • leasing calculation
  • linkage with product database to calculate residual value and final installment rate
  • calculation of preferred rates
  • full-services benefits
  • presentation of accounts
  • graphical presentation of cash flows
  • the addition of risk-based pricing


Our ImmoConsultant is a well-proven and comprehensive tool, which real estate agents, prime contractors, financial institutions, manufacturers of prefabricated houses and all the other players in the real estate industry can offer prospects and potential customers exactly the kind of financial consulting that is necessary when buying such an asset.

By using the ImmoConsultant the customer’s most important questions can be answered:

  1. Financing calculator: What size house can I afford (based on a given installment)?
  2. Repayment calculator: How much is the installment (based on given buying or building costs)?

The ImmoConsultant also calculates all additional costs (e.g. brokerage, solicitor and title register fees, real estate transfer tax) and prolongation after the end of the fixed rate period.