Eurobase GmbH: Who we are and what we do

Eurobase GmbH, headquartered in Mertert, Luxembourg, is a privately held software company, which successfully develops and sells services and solutions in the fields of sales, sales promotion and marketing for more than 30 years.

Coming from the field of financial mathematics, we have gained maximum expertise in developing sales support systems. This know-how originates from long-time cooperation with financial institutions, banks – especially those owned by automakers – and insurance companies in Europe and Asia.

We focus, among other things, to show the feasibility of obtaining high quality goods (i.e. motor vehicles, caravans and motor homes, real estate) with the help of financial services. We have utilised this approach successfully by developing product configurators, salesforce workplaces, CRM systems, as well as web-based and mobile solutions.

All of our products are taylor-made according to the requirements of the respective industry and future users. This way we offer tools that are intuitive which support and simplify every sales process. Our components have already been integrated in a variety of applications and are constantly updated and optimized.

Together with our nearly 50 employees, we attach great importance to product quality, customer-oriented service and reliability in project execution.

Social and ecological commitment

Funding: Since 2011 we no longer send Christmas presents to our customers and business partners. Instead we donate the money formerly dedicated to presents to non-profit organisations of our region. These organisations primarily feature an extraordinary degree of voluntary involvement of their staff and members. In any case it is guaranteed that our funding is exclusively for the benefit of children and adolescents cared for by these institutions; no additional costs of administration occur.

Photovoltaics: Depending on weather conditions a photovoltaic installation on our company’s building can cover up to 100 percent of our current electricity demand.