Our product configurators – dynamic product presentation combined with maximum ease of use

Our product configurators have been successfully on duty at many sites of well-known manufacturers of cars, caravans and mobile homes for many years. These configurators allow for the web-based, dynamic presentation of products that have complex and specific sets of features. By choosing options the buyer can customise the product to his or her individual needs.

The most important features of our product configurators are:

  • multiple brands
  • multi-language support
  • convenient choice of product by the customer
  • clearly laid out presentation of options and immediate check of buildability
  • product presentation with integrated multi-media components
  • integrated financial services
  • ability to save, load and adjust configuration
  • automatic transmission of configuration to dealer with interfaces to dealers’ systems
  • functions for the analysis of customer interest

Our configurators are suitable for the dynamic presentation and the customisation of cars, motor and sail boats, bikes and quads, motor homes and caravans, trucks, construction vehicles, gear and electric motors, kitchens, houses and many other types of products.