Our other services – efficiency and cost savings by outsourcing tasks

We also offer special services to our customers which are important for the successful usage of solutions that are already implemented.

Data and document care

When applications have to handle a significant amount of  information, thorough periodic data and document maintenance indispensable to keep everything up-to-date and usable. Especially vehicle and product data, terms and conditions as well as rate tables, support and information systems and document templates need to be kept current.

Whatever format the information is provided, our data managers convert and export all data and documents so that they are available right on deadline for all applications.

If an enterprise wants to maintain its own data, we will provide them with our well-proven data management tools, which help users to comfortably and quickly update information themselves.


For the distribution of new applications and updates, we offer comprehensive services. These include the provision of download servers, e-mail and information services and, if necessary and upon request, the duplication and delivery of data medium.

If a partnering company wants to sell applicable hardware and software bundled together, we can provide storage, ordering receipt and management, packaging (testing included), shipping and warranty management. In case these services are liable to be paid for by the users we will take care of the payment, too.

Training and education

Whenever user training is desired, we can conduct respective events on location or, for bigger groups, at an education centre of choice. We do all planning and logistics.