Industries we address

Over the years as a software company we have specialised in selected industries. By closely co-operating with customers on a regular basis we gained the know-how to fulfill the respective industry’s needs. Thus we address the following industries:

Financial mathematics

More than 30 years ago we focused on the question, how financial services can be used as a means of marketing, on the one hand to increase sales of products and on the other to deploy financial services itself as a source for profit. As a result, over the years we have managed to build up extensive know-how.


Being rooted in the field of financial mathematics and working for banks, creditor institutions and insurance companies from the beginning, over the years we have built up a comprehensive understandig of the automotive industry and incorporated it into the development of our products and service offering.


As one of the first vendors, we have developed vehicle configurators such as our Camper-Scout, which help buyers to assemble a caravan or motor homes according to their wishes and needs. We have adapted the sales workplaces, which have all sales support modules combined into one. We focus on the issue of CRM for the caravaning industry, too.

Real Estate

Our financial calculator ImmoConsultant is a well-proven and comprehensive tool, which real estate agents, prime contractors, financial institutions and all the other players in the real estate industry can offer prospects and potential customers exactly the kind of financial consulting that is necessary when buying such an asset.